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  • The training of contractors was automatically extended as follows:
  • Contractors whose training performed on the premises of Mondi SCP would end in the period 13.3.2020-30.5.2020 have the validity of the training automatically extended to 16 months from the date of the training.
  • Contractors who completed the training on the premises of their own company and sent the training documents  to Mondi SCP by e-mail have the training validity automatically extended to 4 months from the date of the training.
  • You can check the validity of the training in the card ID section.


  • Since March 16, 2020, a special regime applies to the trainings of contractors due to the measures taken pursuant to the decisions of the Public Health Authority of the Slovak Republic to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.
    These rules are valid until further notice!

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  • Contractors whom expires their training validation (13.3. 2020 – 30.5.2020 – in that period), these contractors have automatically extended a validation of their training until the end of May 2020th.





  • From 01.02.2019 is valid a new version Annex D to Order (Annex J). Its current version you can find in the documentation part.


  • Annoucement: Safety induction trainings will be conducted on working days from Monday to Thursday. The safety trainings on Fridays are canceled.


  • We ask all contractors with expired validity of safety training to return their ID cards! Otherwise we will be forced to apply contractual penalty of 30€!
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